Guide to Rent

It is paramount for you to find an agent who you can trust and build, not only a professional but friendly relationship with. It is so important that you feel you can have an open and honest conversation with your broker.

You have a price you would like to achieve in mind, but is this achievable and realistic in the Dubai property market? Jump on property portals and have a real good look around to compare not only the properties in your area but areas further afield which offer similar properties to your own.

Your broker will also share advice and insight into the property market and the area you are looking to rent out your property in Dubai. They will provide you with market appraisals and show you the prices of properties which have recently been let in your area.

Exclusivity with one agent ensures your property is marketed with one message and in one specific way.

This will avoid the potential of a multitude of differing adverts of your investment appearing on Dubai property portals, some of which can even display a different asking price than you had agreed with your broker.

Again, make sure your property is in the best condition before a potential tenant comes to view. It is a good idea to tell your broker what you love about the property, so they can relay this message to potential tenants and highlight the property’s key features that are perhaps invisible to the naked eye.

When an offer of multiple cheques is brought to the table, please be willing to compromise. Gone are the days where companies will pay rent in one cheque. More often than not, rent is paid by the tenant themselves and you are more likely to get a higher price if you are willing to accept multiple cheques.

The majority of properties leased are paid for in multiple cheques.

You have received an offer that you’re ready to accept. It is now time to check everything over and sign!

Be sure to as your broker if there is a certain part of the contract which you need to get clarification on.


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